Cancer in my family

My family has a history of breast cancer and I have always lived with the fear of contracting this disease. Now that I am in my mid twenties, it worries me a lot more.

As much as there has been advancement in medical science and technologies, I had always dreaded the day when I would go for my first scan and kept putting off the appointments.

Last Monday, while at work, my long time friend and colleague called in sick. She later informed me that she had been to hospital and it turned out that she was in the early stages of breast cancer.

Even though I was used to people around me contracting the disease, this news struck me like a thunderbolt. It?s as if I had suffered the same fate. The strength in her voice gave me encouragement and Jenny added that she was going through chemotherapy soon and all would be well.

This situation made me realize that I could not avoid the inevitable and would have to go for a check up. What?s more, Jenny accompanied me to hospital and her reassuring attitude got me through the procedure. I am glad I went through it because now I know that I am in perfectly good health.

QuickBooks and Excel will be the death of me

We all know I hate accounting but this QuickBooks course training program was really easy to follow.

My uncle told me about a QuickBooks training program and ordered it for my birthday. Since I had already knew from the Microsoft Excel training courses that I was proficient with that, I didn’t really want to bother with it even though the the same QuickBooks training vendor had a sale going on.

We’ll see how that goes.

Wedding Shower

I had never had the opportunity to attend a wedding shower simply because all the friends I had were more or less my age mates and my elder sister was only two years older than me. She had been courting and finally set the date with her boyfriend.

Of course part of my excitement regarded the fact that we would finally have a wedding shower in the family. I was assigned the task of locating a venue and had to work with one of her friends to identify a location partly because I had no prior experience.

All went well and we chose a spa that provided all the services at reasonable rates. I?m happy to say it was my idea and all went well. It was successful indeed and my sister encouraged me to get more involved in friend’s weddings. I have learnt a lot and come a long way and will be ready for mine when the time finally comes for my appointment.

Searching Trip

I just now purchased one pair of New Balance sneakers as well as a brand new electronic house heater. We are saving cash for that television and i also want a different wrist watch.